Train the 


Train the Expert

How to outperform as an expert and achieve more impact!

Everybody knows the “Train the Trainer” format. Someone who is an expert is not necessarily a good trainer, and therefore should improve training skills. But experts – and any other kind of knowledge worker – need to perform in many more ways: Fighting information overload, structuring knowledge, shaping one´s personal knowledge profile and brand, communicating and collaborating with others, creating value and income from knowledge, while maintaining the ideal knowledge-performance-life-balance.

The “Train the Expert” series helps experts to perform better and joyfully achieve more.

Who should participate and why?

  • Experts and any other kind of knowledge worker who want to perform better
  • KM and HR professionals and managers coaching experts to achieve more performance


  • Module 1: Personal knowledge management; Developing your strategic knowledge profile
  • Module 2: Knowledge communication: How to provide excellent knowledge products and services
  • Module 3: Knowledge networking: Performing better in knowledge networks
  • Module 4: Capturing and transferring knowledge and avoiding knowledge loss


Andreas Brandner, Rudi Krcma, Charles Savage

Dates and Location

Vienna (German): TBA, KM Academy, Gersthofer Straße 162, 1180 Vienna, Austria
Online (English): TBA


Online: 449
Vienna, in person: 698


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