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How to sustain knowledge, learn from experience and avoid knowledge loss?

It is normal that experts are leaving, due to change of function within the organization, moving to a different organization or retirement. Very often the leave can be anticipated. Major parts of business-critical knowledge are implicit and cost for re-gaining lost knowledge is high (monetary, emotional, image). Evidently, knowledge capturing, transfer and offboarding seem to be no-brainers. Nevertheless only few organizations have appropriate know-how to systematically secure the knowledge of leaving experts.

This training provides a systematic approach to knowledge capturing and experience capitalization for sustainable performance.

Who should participate – and why?

  • Knowledge Managers, HR Managers and Quality managers aiming to sustain knowledge and performance systematically; Risk Managers addressing knowledge loss risks
  • Supervisors aiming to transformation job profiles without knowledge and performance loss

Learnings – Knowledge Capturing

  • Determine critical knowledge and applying a knowledge loss risk assessment
  • Applying methods to capture and transfer knowledge regularly and systematically
  • Setting up a process for leaving expert debriefing, offboarding and onboarding
  • Qualifying debriefing specialists to professionally support the offboarding process


Rudi Krcma and Petra Herout

Dates and Location

7-8 November 2023 (German, Vienna)
21-22 November 2023 (English, online)


Vienna, in person: € 1.396
Online: € 898


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