Knowledge Graphs and AI for Knowledge Portals

Special Training: Knowledge Engineering: From Knowledge Graphs to AI  Solutions

> How to link data and create additional value through AI-Solutions

The increasing amounts of data, information, and knowledge overstretch the capacities of individuals to structure, evaluate and leverage on them in adequate time. Artificial Intelligence solutions enable companies to create new knowledge from data and information and deliver innovative, knowledge-based services. Knowledge graphs are the most advanced way of structuring and organizing knowledge and link data in order to develop reliable solutions and services. These are the fundament for knowledge services like semantic search, smart recommender systems, bots and eAdvisory, and more.

This training provides an understanding of how knowledge graphs are developed and how they create value from linked data.

Who should participate – and why?

  • KM Professionals tapping into the next generation of AI-based KM
  • IT Professionals and thematic professionals aiming to create innovative knowledge services from data and information

Learnings – Knowledge Capturing

  • Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence – how it works together well
  • From Taxonomies to knowledge graphs: Linking data expressively
  • Developing use-cases and designing AI-Solutions based on knowledge graphs


Dr. Andreas Brandner, Prof. Dr. Renato Souza, Andreas Blumauer

Dates and Location

7-8 November 2023 (German, Vienna)
21-22 November 2023 (English, online)


Vienna, in person: € 1.396
Online: € 898


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