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Make your wikis work!

Why is this relevant?

Wikipedia revolutionized the way we collaboratively create and share knowledge on the Internet. Since the success of Wikipedia, many organizations have learned how to use wiki software for their own purposes, ranging from purely internal use cases to collaborative knowledge bases to create and share knowledge on the Web.

As much as the use of wiki software has the potential to transform your teams towards better knowledge management, often organizations face the reality of their wikis not performing as well as they would like them to.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in planning, designing and implementing wiki solutions for various organizations. While our focus in implementing Knowledge Wikis is on MediaWiki including Semantic MediaWiki and Wikibase, we also have consulting experience with wiki solutions like Confluence, Foswiki and others.

In smaller organizations, wikis can be an excellent choice to replace old and rigid content management systems often used for company intranets. Make your wiki the better intranet solution!

How we do it?

  • Status quo assessment
    Together with your team, we will analyze your current situation including the positioning of your wiki in your IT landscape and create your wiki strategy.
  • Improvement plan
    In a concentrated, efficient process of a few weeks, we will create an action plan on how to improve your situation ranging from improvements of the software functionalities, navigational elements, content structure and internal processes and responsibilities. We can help you to assign and train Wiki gardeners, key users and system administrators.

Results and benefits

  • Knowledge at your fingertips
    Establish your wiki or intranet solution as the most important source of knowledge in your organization and save time and effort for your employees.
  • Motivated team
    Together, we will identify quick wins that will help your
    team to stay motivated and use your wiki more efficiently and effective.

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