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Expand your markets through knowledge and business partnerships!

Why this is relevant?

Internationalisation is a major opportunity for knowledge-driven organizations, and virtual collaboration opens opportunities for entering new markets even to small and medium enterprises, who can hardly afford to travel regularly or open offices abroad. Many emerging and developing countries grow significantly and have a high need for leading edge knowledge and technology.
Knowledge partnerships between experienced knowledge-based companies and those in need can create interesting business opportunities and likewise contribute to the development of the local economy.’s network helps you to enter new markets

  • facilitated the development of knowledge partnerships, based on a network in about 20 cities, including Vienna, Berlin, Sofia, Madrid, Geneva, Moscow, Dubai, Delhi, Nairobi, Lagos, Kampala, Lusaka, Lomé and more. With local offices, staff or trusted partners, we can match knowledge supply and demand, building trust, supporting intercultural communication, and care for a productive, profitable and balanced partnership.

How we do it?

1. Matchmaking
We identify partners for you in other countries based on your profile, your strengths and your needs.

2. Internationalisation strategy
We analyse the market situation in the new country and propose options for a sustainable and affordable market entry. Focusing on your core competence and sharing other responsibilities with partners, is usually a good approach, because you may not want to learn about the market through failure.

3. Pilot activities
Entering the market and testing the new partnership with small, low-risk activities or projects is a smart, fast and effective way to build the partnership. We plan, prepare and facilitate such fast prototype activities as a kick-start for your business. We provide infrastructure and administrative support to have a standing in the new market and work with trusted people.
We help you to find suitable funding opportunities for internationalization.

4. Roll-out and maintenance
Knowledge and business partnerships need to be maintained and continuously developed. We support you in the handling of critical situations and to roll out the success to the wide market.

Results and benefits

  • Clear market view, reliable partners, limited risk
  • New markets, new opportunities, new business

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