KM Certification  Course Advanced

ingingApply advanced IT-Solutions to link and leverage on your knowledge assets!

Knowledge Management training session is dedicated to Knowledge Managers who already have a solid understanding of Knowledge Management or have gathered practical KM-experience in an International Organization or Corporation, and want to deepen their knowledge in applying IT tools and making them a success.

We focus on the digital transformation of KM, highlighting relevant technologies that will shape the future of the knowledge economy. A first block of the training is on how to make the best use of Microsoft SharePoint, representing a number of tools that support document/content management, communication, and collaboration with an integrated approach, helping to digitize knowledge processes from acquisition to capturing.
Participants will learn how to establish a corporate semantic wiki and how it can be used for many different purposes.  Finally, we set a new focus on the development of knowledge graphs, representing the knowledge base of the company. Knowledge graphs are becoming a fundamental prerequisite for the application of AI-solutions that really reflect your business. For big, international, and academic organizations knowledge graphs will become a must in the future, and the sooner they start the journey, the faster they will learn. The KM Advanced Training finally includes a joint analysis of IT-Trends and how they will influence KM and the knowledge economy.

Presentations regarding the experiences of Siemens, IAEA, Microsoft, and other international companies and organizations will provide participants with references for comprehensive Knowledge Management programs.

Who should participate – and why?

  • Knowledge Managers who want to be fit for their job.
  • Managers, who are responsible for leading knowledge workers and a knowledge enterprise.
  • Professionals with responsibilities linked with KM, aiming to be a competent partner.


  • How to develop integrated knowledge portals – example SharePoint
  • Digitizing knowledge processes – from searching and finding to sharing and capturing
  • Creating, connecting, and transferring knowledge through social media and online communication
  • Establishing a corporate semantic wiki
  • Developing knowledge graphs – the semantic web of your company
  • Designing Artificial Solutions on the basis of knowledge Graphs – with practical examples
  • Analyzing IT Trends and how they will impact KM and the knowledge economy


Andreas Brandner (KM-A), Florian Bauer (Semantic Web Company), Michael Heiss (Siemens AG), Haider Shnawa (ShareVision IT) and other trainers.

Dates and Location

4-5 December 2023 (English, online)
13-14 December 2023 (English, Dubai)


Vienna/Dubai, in person: € 1.396
Online: € 898


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