Knowledge Management Strategy Development

Follow a strategic, integrated and systematic approach to knowledge!

Why this is relevant?

Knowledge is the most important resource of the 21st century and requires professional management like any other important resource in a company, including a policy, strategy, the right methods and it-tools, governance model, action plan, risk management, measurements, monitoring and continuous learning. The implementation of Knowledge Management requires commitment of the whole company and includes a number of knowledge processes like searching, acquiring, creating, sharing, applying and capturing knowledge. Only an integrated approach to knowledge will lead to success.
Due to dynamic change and growing fragmentation of knowledge, advanced IT-tools to integrate knowledge from all corporate sources has become a common element for KM.

How we do it?

  • Creating a common sense of what KM means to the organization lays the foundation for the KM Assessment – see our dedicated service description – providing an excellent understanding of strengths and weaknesses in KM.
  • The formulation of the KM strategy additionally reflects the external market developments and trends in knowledge sciences. The key strategic challenges of the company are matched with innovative KM tools and approaches. This shall guarantee that KM plays a key role in the achievement of the strategy and make a difference on the market. In the consumer industry KM can look pretty different than in an NGO!
  • When it comes to the competitive edge, innovative IT-tools today play an essential role. We identify the use-case, determine IT-requirements, and help with the selection of the best tools.
  • The KM concept will include a KM policy and strategy, IT-solutions, a governance model with clear roles and responsibilities, and a controlling process with success criteria and measurements.
  • KM in the Integrated Management System: We elaborate with the customer the processes and procedures at the same level of detail as for other essential resources, which is specifically needed for safety- and security-sensitive organization, but finally for all companies, who take KM serious.
  • Change Management and training: We create a concept to communicate and build awareness; we train and support your staff and make sure that the new routines are accepted and feeling good. An internal training programme can include the KM Certificate of the KM Academy.

Results and benefits

  • KM Concept including Policy, strategy, governance model, competent staff, action plan, measurements fully integrated in the management system.
  • Quality, time, cost, and sustainability: More knowledge means higher quality, less mistakes and redundancies, efficient processes and increased innovation. With our concepts, companies fulfill the requirements of ISO 30401, the international standard for Knowledge Management.

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