Leaving Expert
Debriefing &
Knowledge Loss
Risk Assessment

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Why this is relevant?

Knowledge is the critical resource in today´s business. A lot of relevant knowledge is explicit and available throughout the company. However, there is still a huge amount of relevant knowledge in any organization, which is tacit knowledge, based on experience and practical doing. When experts leave the organisation – which happens regularly for whatever reason –companies loose knowledge, which might be critical for reliable operations and can hardly be substituted. Performance, quality, and safety are at serious risk.

How we do it?

1. Assessment and recommendations

At the beginning there is a solid review of the existing practices in debriefing in order to build on and use existing practices. The results of this assessment is the starting point for recommendations for the further process implementation and the workshop.

2. Expert Debriefing Workshop

In this workshop we transfer the knowledge and competence to establish the knowledge loss risk management process and leaving experts debriefing in the context of your organisation: The following topics are key:
• Learning methods and tools for the preparation and implementation of debriefing sessions.
• Adaptation of the methodology to the individual job profiles
• Anchoring an integrated process of debriefings incl. role and responsibilities.
• Aligning the process with other relevant processes (like performance review, other debriefing processes)
Our online training modules help to teach international staff. Standard processes for the two steps will be tailored to the organisational context.

3. Knowledge Loss Risk Assessment and debriefing exercises

The Knowledge Loss Risk Assessment is implemented with guidance and support of knowledge.city. After the initial steps to showcase, the company can continue the process easily on its own. Initial coaching in real debriefing sessions help the team to do it well and get more confidence in this process.

    Results and benefits

    • Established processes and competences: KLRA and experts debriefing will well defined standard processes, easy to perform by the staff.
    • Immediate capturing of critical knowledge: The initial knowledge loss risk assessment reveals urgent risks and the debriefings focus on the capturing of identified critical knowledge.
    • Continuity, quality, performance: The company will be able to sustain quality and performance at the highest level, when experts leave. 

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