Communities of Practice (CoP)

Connect your experts, share knowledge effectively, co-create the future!

The scenario

Everybody knows that being well connected is key in a knowledge economy, and it is evident that connecting experts in a common thematic area or practice unleashes new ideas, supports dissemination of learning and innovations, helps avoiding mistakes that others have done, and much more. However, most existing communities and networks lag in strategy, professional facilitation, use of current social media tools, finally tangible output and impact.

How we do it

1. Assessment and recommendations
At the beginning we briefly review the existing practices, culture and use of IT-tools in networking and collaborating to understand the current situation. The results of this assessment is the starting point for recommendations for the further process implementation and the CoP-workshop. Standard processes for CoPs will be tailored to the organisational context.

2. CoP-workshop
In this workshop we transfer the knowledge and competence to establish the communities of practice in the context of your organisation: The following topics are key:
• Establishing a process with clear expectations, commitments, resources.
• Facilitating a CoP: Getting the maximum out of a CoP.
• Using advanced social media tools competently to support collaboration.
• Creating smart knowledge products and services as an output.
Our online training modules help to teach international staff.

3. Coaching facilitators in the kick-off and implementation phase
The kick-off is one of the critical moments of a community of practice. If it works well, a unique, appreciative spirit of co-creativity is created which can last for many years. supports the facilitators in doing the first critical steps and during regular reviews. Also facilitators should have their community, sharing their experiences and learning how to do it even better.

    Results and benefits

    • Established CoP approach and facilitation competence: CoPs are becoming a motivational and productive routine, using great technical features, and creating valuable outputs.
    • Motivated CoPs established: In relevant thematic areas, CoPs are well established, operational and productive: role models for other CoPs.
    • Performance, creativity, innovation: The company will learn faster, make less mistakes, co-create and disseminate business-relevant innovations.

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