Knowledge Management Assessment

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Why this is relevant?

Companies, organizations, and public body, committed to professional Knowledge Management, should regularly assess their practices in a systematic way. Like humans are used to look into a mirror on a regular basis, also KM requires an honest view and reflection what can be done better. Internal assessments are a fundament and should take place regularly. External assessments through a neutral expert provide additional insights, combined with fresh thoughts and ideas, and motivation to achieve the next level of KM.

How we do it?

  • Preparatory interviews
    First of all, we need to understand the business context, the strategic challenges and what matters to the Executives. We want to have the management support from the beginning and assess the right things.
  • Review of documented approach
    A systematic analysis of the existing approach, methods, tools and outcomes gives a first picture of how adequately the current approach matches the needs and reflects the state of the art.
  • Tailoring of assessment questionnaire
    Speaking with people is a must for the assessment. The topics to be discussed and evaluated, need to be tailored to the organisation, first to reflect the strategic challenges, and second to speak the language of the organisation.
  • Assessment interviews and workshops
    The interviews themselves have a double intent: They help onboarding colleagues (in case KM is new to them), informing and inspiring them, additionally they are key to understand what works well, what requires improvement.
  • Analysis and interpretation of results
    The assessments – either in groups or individual – create a lot of substance, which requires reflection, condensing, interpretation. The report includes quantitative indicators and includes qualitative results with recommendations.
  • Presentation and conclusion of findings
    Finally the findings are presented to the top managers, who are requested to comment, and indicate the way forward. The assessment results usually are the first step toward the strategy development

Results and benefits

  • Assessment report with recommendations: Systematic and appreciative picture on the current status with clear recommendations for the further development.
  • Greater awareness, competence, and motivation: Informed, motivated people, encourage to move to the next level.

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