KM in Knowledge Hubs
and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships

Link data, share knowledge and co-create smart IT-solutions based on Artificial Intelligence!

Why this is relevant?

Multi-stakeholder partnerships and knowledge hubs are a key to master global complex challenges and achieve sustainable development. They are connecting people around the world, facilitating dialogue, linking data and information, sharing knowledge, and disseminating innovations and solutions.
However, the management of knowledge in multi-stakeholder partnerships is challenging, specifically due to the diversity of languages, cultures, contexts, skills, data and information sources, and more. A strategic, systematic and integrated approach is needed.

How do we serve knowledge hubs and multi-stakeholder partnerships?

1. KM Consulting
Our consulting services for k-hubs and MSPs include:
• Assessing and monitoring the status of Knowledge Management
• Creating a Knowledge Management strategy for the K-Hub
• Anchoring knowledge governance in the management system
• Improving access to knowledge and fighting knowledge divide
• Advancing usability and outreach of knowledge products and services
• Facilitating innovation capturing and accelerating its dissemination

2. KM Training
• Continuous education & training on KM for improved human capacity
• Establishing a learning platform for all thematic areas

3. Facilitation of partnership events
• Facilitating participative events – f2f and online as a neutral facilitator
• Facilitating communities of practice; training facilitators

4. Link data, information, knowledge with a knowledge graphs
• Digitalising knowledge processes
• Connecting data silos, adding context to data, advancing search across partner resources, augmenting analytics to take informed decisions
• Personalize the use of knowledge, based on diverse stakeholder needs

5. Develop tailored AI solutions based on knowledge graphs
• Developing use-cases and to increase value to the users, including smart recommendations, semantic matchmaking, chatbots, and more

6. Knowledge Managing for the partnership as a service
• Taking the lead in knowledge management as a methodological expert, giving the partners the freedom to focus on thematic challenges.
• As a neutral, unbiased, trusted partner with no intrinsic thematic interest, we care for balancing the contributions and benefits.

Results and benefits

  • Excellence in KM: Creating the best value from the knowledge of the partnership, considering the diversity of stakeholders and context.
  • Higher impact: Hosts and partners can focus on their thematic challenges, whereas cares for methodology and equal participation.

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