Knowledge Capture and Transfer

How to sustain knowledge, learn from experience and avoid knowledge loss?

It is normal that experts are leaving, due to change of function within the organization, moving to a different organization or retirement. Very often the leave can be anticipated. Major parts of business-critical knowledge are implicit and cost for re-gaining lost knowledge is high (monetary, emotional, image). Evidently, knowledge capturing, transfer and offboarding seem to be no-brainers. Nevertheless only few organizations have appropriate know-how to systematically secure the knowledge of leaving experts.

This training provides a systematic approach to knowledge capturing and experience capitalization for sustainable performance.

Who should participate – and why?

  • Knowledge Managers, HR Managers and Quality managers aiming to sustain knowledge and performance systematically; Risk Managers addressing knowledge loss risks
  • Supervisors aiming to transformation job profiles without knowledge and performance loss

Learnings – Knowledge Capturing

  • Determine critical knowledge and applying a knowledge loss risk assessment
  • Applying methods to capture and transfer knowledge regularly and systematically
  • Setting up a process for leaving expert debriefing, offboarding and onboarding
  • Qualifying debriefing specialists to professionally support the offboarding process


Petra Herout and Bernhard Krabina

Dates and Location

24-25 Oktober 2024 (English, online)


Online: € 898


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