Implementation and Hosting of Knowledge Graph Wikis

Why this is relevant?

MediaWiki (the software that powers Wikipedia) is the most powerful opensource wiki engine, but out of the box MediaWiki is not well suited for knowledge management solutions. Based on a set of around 20-30 extensions around Semantic MediaWiki, we can turn your wiki into a powerful knowledge graph solution.

Our implementations use 100% open-source software without proprietary extensions. We have more than 15 years experience in planning, implementing and running Semantic MediaWiki for use cases ranging from internal knowledge management solutions to research and publicly available knowledge platforms such as the Vienna History Wiki or

You can connect your wiki to RDF stores and make use of their SPARQL endpoint. We manage connections to external knowledge graphs like Wikidata as well as to large internal knowledge graphs or solutions like Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty.

Hosting made in Austria

With our partner we provide GDPR compliant hosting in Austria. For the best experience, we are taking part in initiatives like OpenCSP and Canasta, are members of the MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group and the Open Semantic Data Association and frequently collaborate with industry partners Gesinn.IT, Professional.Wiki, Wikibase Solutions, and others. Our servers are hosted in two of the most modern data centers of Vienna’s IPAX hosting company.

How we do it?

  • Analysis of your content and use case
    Analyzing the content you plan to manage in your wiki, we discuss your use case, your technical and organizational setup and the team that will be involved.
  • Rapid prototyping and agility
    We can quickly build a prototype hosted in our environment to demonstrate the functionality with some real content examples. Based on your feedback the experience of your users with our prototype, we iteratively improve the solution without the need for time-consuming planning overhead.
  • Importing and transforming content
    Once you are satisfied with the prototype, we can start importing or migrating more of the content.
  • Going live and cost-effective maintenance or hosting
    Once the prototype is finished, you can install it on your servers on premises or you can use our cost-effective hosting options. We can train your wiki gardeners or system administrators and continue to be of assistance in any maintenance.

Results and benefits

  • The knowledge base that grows with you
    Without the need of a major investment in proprietary solutions, you can start small. The open-source solution will scale with your needs.
  • Not just a wiki, not just a SPARQL endpoint: Your business logic
    The knowledge your users need in delivering your services

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