KM Academy

The KM Academy is among the world´s most experienced and recognized private training institutions in Knowledge Management, providing for 20 years Knowledge Management Certification Courses. Established in 2001 and headquartered in Vienna/Austria, it acts worldwide with regular training programs being implemented in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

For almost 20 years the KM Academy has educated generations of Knowledge Managers, now holding KM positions in recognized international companies, organizations, and public bodies. The KM Academy´s faculty comprises world-leading KM experts, who are out-performers, pioneers, role models in KM.

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Participants can register for specific courses according to their profiles and needs. The KM Certification Course of the KM Academy is the high-end program, which is offered twice a year in English and German.

Through, our daughter-company with global partnerships, Knowledge Management Courses are also offered in a growing number of cities around the globe.

We are happy to advise you on the training that will suit you best.


Agenda Knowledge

Download here the 3rd edition of the global Agenda-Knowledge-for-Development-and-Statements, co-authored by KM-A.

KM Courses

KM Certification Course

30 May 2022 (English, online)

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KM Compact Course Kick-Off

30 May 2022 (English, online)

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KM Essentials Training Courses

31 May 2022 (English, online)

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KM Advanced Training Course

2 June 2022 (English, online)

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KM Specialisations

Knowledge Capturing, Transfer and Offboarding

Facilitating Communities and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Knowledge Leadership Workouts

Train the Expert

In-house Trainings

In-house training seminars and workshops tailored to the specific needs of your organization

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